Get High-Value Clients On LinkedIn


with Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

This program is an absolute must if you want to:​

  • Grow your network of referrals partners and fill your sales pipeline using LinkedIn

  • Shorten the sales cycle for B2B and corporate contracts by showing up at exactly the right time

  • Become the in-demand expert in your industry and choose who you want to work with

  • Optimize the time you’re spending marketing your business

  • Feel confident using marketing methods that are in alignment with your core values

Stop spending hours on marketing activities that yield little to no results, and fill your pipeline with ideal clients in as little as 30 minutes a day​.​

Your audience is already there waiting for you on LinkedIn, with the right actions and positioning you can build relationships with ideal clients in a fraction of the time it takes with other online marketing strategies.

Identify exactly who you need to be reaching out to, and how to build a relationship with them virtually in the same ways you would with your offline audience - but in a fraction of the time and being able to curate relationships with only ideal referral partners and ideal clients

You'll fall in love with marketing and selling your services. When you do... you'll have as many clients as your heart desires.

Here is the easy-to-follow 5-Step Process that I will help you implement so that you will get high-value clients for your business while making the most of your time, money and energy.​

STEP #1:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Establish Your Authority and
Attract High-Value Clients & Ideal Referral Partners

  • Define Who Your Ideal Target Clients Are On LinkedIn And The #1 Result You Provide

  • Clearly Understand Your Target Clients Pain Points So That You Can Meet Them In Their Mind Based On The Conversation They Are Having In Their Head

  • Write a LinkedIn About Section That Will Have Your Ideal Target Clients Inquiring About Your Services

  • Adjust your LinkedIn Settings to Increase Your Visibility

  • Make sure You Have all Your Standard Credibility Builders In Place

    STEP #2:

    Get the Attention of High-Value Clients and Ideal Referral Partners with a “Give First” Mindset

    • Define Who Is Right For Your Core Network

    • Master The ABCs of Giving So That Your Core Network Will Provide You With Ongoing Referrals And Strategic Introductions To Key Decision Makers

    • Speed Up The Relationship Building Process Through Enjoyable Virtual Coffees

    • Stay Top Of Mind With Your Entire LinkedIn Network

    • Systematize a Keep In Touch Strategy to Build Strong Professional Relationships

      STEP #3:

      Proactively Reach Out to Potential Clients and Partners using "Ask With Integrity" Strategies

      • Avoid Being the Noise that Interrupts Your Potential Clients and Referrals Partners Quiet

      • Use an Outreach Approach That Ensures Your Messages Are Acted Upon

      • Create Your Direct Outreach List of 20, Learn How To Reach Out To Them, Track Your Efforts, and Follow-up

      • Learn How To Ask For the Right Referrals, Testimonials, Recommendations, and Reviews.

        STEP #4:

        Enroll High-Value Clients with A Simple, Effective (and Comfortable) Sales Process

        • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Become Comfortable with Selling

        • Just the Right Amount of Trust at Just the Right Time

        • Master the 4-Part Super Simple Sales Conversation Framework

        • Think Bigger About Who You Are and How You Will Serve Your Clients

        • Revel in Never Being Nervous to Sell Again​

          STEP #5:

          Systematize Your Lead Generation to Keep Your Pipeline Full in 30 Minutes a Day

          • Develop A Red Velvet Rope Policy So That You Are Only Working With Star Clients And Ensure It’s A Fun Ride For Everyone

          • Implement Daily & Weekly Routines So You Can Avoid The Feast Or Famine Cycle

          • Use Tools To Streamline Your Processes And Stay On Track To Consistently Meet Your Revenue Goals

          • Learn How To Create and Use Checklists

          • Use Spreadsheets to Track Your Efforts

          • Customize Templates to Meet Your Need, While Preserving Your Voice.

            A Quick Glance At The Schedule

              Let's Talk About Your Investment!

              These days, the top business coaches are charging a small fortune for what I call "information, not implementation."


              I've seen new business owners pile on tens of thousands of dollars in debt for just a weekend coaching workshop.

              In contrast, I know that the best value you can get is with support and feedback while you implement it.


              By the end of this hand-on program, you'll be light years ahead of where you are now.


              You'll not only know what to do to get booked solid, you will have the systems already in place to make it happen!

              I am officially BOOKED SOLID!!! I decided to join Ana's Implementation Lab because all my previous referral sources had dried out, and I was trying different things without seeing significant results. And now, I'm bringing in new business with projects where my expertise and experience can shine. I'm feeling good and seeing the rewards of my work (at last!).

              Tim Costello

              Data Architect - Turning data into insight.

              Ana simplifies things to the point where you're not overwhelmed, and you can actually take action.

              She gives us the strategy, the mindset, and the tech to get it all done. Her program covers everything from A to Z. I feel so empowered.

              Michele Moreno

              Video Presence Expert & Coach

              "Back in 2016 when I participated in one of Ana's LinkedIn training, I had about 200 LinkedIn connections. Now I have over 8,000.


              And you never know where those connections are going to get you.


              For instance, I facilitated training in Saudi Arabia and Dubai all from the work that was done on LinkedIn!"

              John Whitehead, MA, PCC, CEC

              Executive Coach

              "Not only did I gained clarity on my own unique value proposition, and focus on my target audience, but I was learning alongside others, who were equally committed to building their businesses.


              A very rich experience that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about how to leverage the vast power of LinkedIn in service of coach prosperity!"

              Joy Crews Lubeck, MBA, PCC

              4.0 Global Leadership Coach, Immediate Past President, ICF Arizona

              "I have been working with Ana for several years and she has helped me to leverage LinkedIn to attract and enroll my ideal clients.


              Sometimes, I'm still surprised by how well this process works.


              Just last week, I woke up to a flurry of LinkedIn leads!"

              Katie Peuvrelle, MA

              Leadership & High-Performance Coach

              "Ana's LinkedIn class outlines precise, practical ways to virtually network within a coaching niche.


              Ana is a fun and focused instructor. She provides a platform of technology



              There is no reason for coaches not to be building their business right now."


              Connie Kadansky, MCC

              Sales Call Reluctance Coach & President of ICF Arizona

              "Today I closed three other ideal clients, who are all more than happy to pay what I quoted them. Three in one day!
              I'd like to say I'm a helluva salesman. But the true is you have an incredibly powerful process and gave me pinpoint accurate advice about how to use it effectively.

              Scott Anderson, MS, PCC

              Executive Coach & Consultant

              "Ana has put together a top-notch, step-by-step program on using LinkedIn to acquire clients. She is committed to each person’s success and operates with an exceptional combination of integrity, enthusiasm, and deep knowledge about relationship-building. I’ve been through a lot of courses over the years, and I can tell you that what this 5-step process flat-out works!"

              Meredith Bell

              Leader/Team Communication Expert | Author | Podcast Host

              30 DAYS

              Money Back Guarantee

              I need to know this program is going to work for you. So if you’re not 100% thrilled with this live, interactive training – I want to send your money back. If you’re not happy, then I’m not happy.

              So if for any reason, after you participate fully in the training, it doesn’t meet your expectations, just e-mail me at to cancel within 30 days.


              That’s my promise.

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