Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Ana Melikian. I can help you figure out if the Solo Biz Academy is for you. ​


Let me guess: You want to create a positive impact through your work.


You are a difference maker.


When you are given the opportunity to serve others–either through coaching, consulting, or training–they rave about how transformational that experience is.


But, you feel like the needle in a haystack. People don’t even know you exist or aren’t finding you. How can they possibly raise their hand to learn more about what you have to offer? 


You probably get a client here and there, but you don't have a process to systematically enroll new business. Imagine a pipeline consistently full of ideal clients waiting to work with you?

Maybe you have tried different programs, followed a few gurus, received the message that you have to be an entrepreneur, grow a team, get this or that expensive software, create a sales funnel, write a book... And, you feel overwhelmed, tired, and disconnected from your vision. You can barely remember the reason you started on this journey in the first place.


You want to be your own boss, have a practice that helps others, and make a good living in the process. Instead, sometimes the expenses are higher than the revenue, and you don’t want to face the truth: You have an expensive hobby and not a profitable business.


It doesn't have to be this way!


You can create a business that sustains your life-style and starts a powerful ripple effect of change. 


This is possible when you have road-maps and support systems designed with you in mind.


This is why I created the SOLO BIZ ACADEMY!

For more than a decade, I've empowered coaches, consultants, speakers, and trainers to navigate the online world with ease and joy, to amplify their reach, and to market their services.  


I’m the Director of Education for Book Yourself Solid®, the host of the MINDSET ZONE podcast, and have delivered training to over 10,000 service providers around the world, worked with hundreds of coaches and consultants, and organizations including International Coaching Federation® –ICF, MEECO Leadership Institute and the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches® – ACEC.


Now you can tap in all this experience through the SOLO BIZ ACADEMY and finally start to enjoy the business you set up to create in the first place!

The SOLO BIZ ACADEMY is an absolute must if you want to:​

  • Learn how to market professional services online.

  • Establish a solid marketing foundation so you enroll more clients.

  • Build trust with your target audience and earn credibility within your marketplace.

  • Learn many marketing tips, tactics, strategies and techniques that work.

  • Feel confident using smarter marketing methods in alignment with your core values.

  • Notice a shift in your thinking and feel at ease marketing your products or services.

Eliminate feelings of frustration and be continually inspired.​

Take the right actions to reach your lead generation and marketing goals and set new ones beyond what you previously thought possible.

The SOLO BIZ ACADEMY has four pillars of support:​

  • #1- Regular Office Hours and Live Training Sessions.

    These are usually Zoom Video Conferencing calls where you get the benefit of interactive classroom-style teaching, laser coaching, and fully interactive question and answer segments.


    Address your marketing and technology challenges with ease and joy.


    If you can't make a call, don't worry–you'll get access to all the sessions' recordings.

  • #2- A library of Practical Road Maps that you can use as needed.

    At the start, you will get immediate access to:

    • The Book Yourself Solid® Online Program
    • The Super Simple Business Planning Mini-Course
  • #3- A Searchable Database of Powerful Resources that will save you countless hours and headaches.

    This Searchable Database includes:

    • The Tech Tips for Coaches easy to follow tutorials,
    • The recordings of all calls (Office Hours, Masterclasses, etc.)
    • Other helpful resources, such as templates, etc.

    Here is a sample of the

    Practical Road Maps

    you will immediate get access to...

    Book Yourself Solid®:

    A System That Actually Works

    Book Yourself Solid® is the original business building system created by Michael Port in 2003, and has been used by more than 500,000 service professionals.


    It is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle, even if you hate marketing and selling.


    And, you can learn this system directly from one of the Book Yourself Solid® Elite-Level Certified Coach, Ana Melikian, Ph.D.

      Super Simple Business Planning:

      Created with one-person businesses in mind.

      • Discover how to 4X Your Business Success

        Work on your business in 12- week periods and see how much more you can achieve.

      • Create Solid Business Systems

        Learn how to create and use repeatable processes to consistently get the results you want (i.e., more clients)

      • Work on the Right Projects

        Clarify your focus to grow your business no matter how limited your time and money are.

      • In less than one hour...

        You can create a roadmap for your business success.

        So How Much Does It Cost?

        These days the top business coaches are charging a small fortune for direct access. I've seen new business owners pile on tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a weekend coaching workshop.

        In contrast, you’ll get access to all the resources of SOLO BIZ ACADEMY and direct access to me via the Office Hours, where I will teach you AND answer your questions.


        You'll be light years ahead of where you are now. You'll know what to do to get booked solid.

        How Much Is That Worth To You?


        "I am one of those people that buys all those programs, ASK Method and Stu McLaren's membership IO or Tribe. I love those programs, and I'm excited, and I get thrilled, and then I tried to implement, and I get stuck. Ana is one that I could turn to, and she will help me work through the nuances of all that. 

        We have worked through all the nuances of putting my bones program together, my membership site, my checkout cart, my Black Friday specials. She has walked me through every single inch of my success. She's helped me with my blog, and she's helped me with optimizing my images. 

        The list goes on and on."

        Irma Jennings

        Bones Coach - Food For Healthy Bones

        "Three reasons to join Solo Biz Academy:

        Number one, you can go on YouTube and find plenty of resources, but what Ana offers is everything that you as a coach needs in one place. These resources are specifically designed for the kind of services and products that we offer as coaches.

        Secondly, her competence and level of professionalism with keeping up to date with technology changes is unbelievable. She goes above and beyond what you would normally expect.

        Thirdly, and very personally, sometimes I slip into self-doubt and struggle with learning so much of this stuff, and I lose patience, but Ana doesn't. She stays focused, she's on target. And she gives me the confidence and the encouragement and the enthusiasm to keep going.

        So those are just a few of the reasons. Ana's level of organization, articulation, are all great assets, so I consider looking into it if I were you."

        Mary Liz Murphy

        Energy Healer and Wellness Coach

        "I'm a speaker and a trainer, and I'm also a gray-haired baby boomer. And so technology can really get the better of me.

        I have a secret weapon, Ana's Solo Biz Academy.

        She demystifies whatever is irking you. She's faster than anything I'll be able to do by looking on YouTube trying to find the solution myself.

        Additionally, she has put together a group of people where we all support one another.

        If you are someone who is trying to run your own business as a solopreneur, or even if you just have a small number of people and you want to do more of the things yourself but you're just intimidated by technology, Ana is your gal."

        Monique Caissie

        Speaker, Human Behavior Consultant​

        ""Ana has continuously helped me to keep improving my online presence with LinkedIn and she has and still is an inspiration as I keep growing my business. She has such a beautiful way to teach, clear messaging, great information that can be used right away and what I love the most is that she walks her talk!"

        Britta Heintzen

        Coach & Consultant

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