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  • Searchable Database of Easy-To-Follow Tutorials.

    Searchable database of step-by-step tutorials, videos and other resources specially designed for coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers.

  • Community of Support.

    A support group where you can ask your questions 24/7.

  • Office Hours

    Video conference calls where we help you overcome your technology challenges, and leverage your online presence in an easy and simple way.

You LOVE what you do. 


You know that you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE.


YET, the TECHNOLOGY side of your online business can drive you crazy.


AND, you know if you learn some online skills you can reach more people and make a bigger impact… 




TECH TIPS FOR COACHES is here to help you.

This membership site is designed to guide you every step of the way as you navigate the online world and market your services online with ease and enjoyment.


Become a member and gain access to:


► A searchable database of step-by-step tutorials, videos and other resources specially designed for coaches, consultants, trainers, and speakers.


► A support group in Facebook where you can ask your questions 24/7.


► Video conferencing calls where we share our screens to help you overcome your technology challenges.


LEARN what you need. 
Have a big IMPACT. 
ENJOY the process!


  • 4X Your Business Success

    Work on your business in 12 Week periods and see how much more you can achieve.

  • Work on the Right Projects

    Clarify the more important projects you should be focussing on to grow your business.

  • Create Solid Business Systems

    Learn how to create processes that you can repeat over and over gain and get the results your want (i.e., more clients). 

  • In less than one hour...

    You can create a roadmap for your business success in 60 minutes time :)

Examples of the Easy-To-Follow Tutorials


“Ana has been my indispensable mentor, and at times, savior, as I am learning to expand my coaching and healing work online. If you are a procrastinator, technophobic, or at a lost where to begin, Ana offers everything you need integrated in one place. She has helped me avoid making costly mistakes in time and money by redefining my market, services, and strategy as well as updating and implementing my online technology needs.”

Mary Liz Murphy

Energy Healer and Wellness Coach

“If you're a gray haired solopreneur like me, and find technology hiccoughs can take over entire days of your schedule. Well, there's a group for that! Tech Tips for Coaches is an incredible resource. Now I have a place to go and get the support I need. This is one group coaching call I hate to miss. Ana goes above and beyond my expectations every time. Thanks Ana. ”

Monique Caissie

Speaker, Human Behavior Consultant

“I came to Ana with a problem. She presented an out-of-the-box solutions and now my niggling website problems are no longer dangling over my head. 

In my book, Ana's middle name is "problem solver". Her toolbox is overflowing with solutions. And if by chance she doesn't have an instant work around, she'll quickly get back to you with one.”

Irma Jennings

Bone Health Coach

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can receive a full refund for Tech Tips for Coaches when you request it within 30 days of original purchase/first monthly payment. Send a message to with your current account details and request for refund. 

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